Welcome to the Counselor's Corner for Liberty High School. It is my mission to build meaningful relationships based on respect and trust with each of our students. I strive to provide a place where students feel cared for and supported, to help our students realize their full potential and challenge them to achieve it. I work with each of them on the important life skills they will need to be successful and to help them develop a detailed college/career plan for once they have completed high school.  
For many of our students this is the first time they have achieved success and found a place they feel, as many of them say, "at home".  Liberty High School provides a new beginning for many of our students that have struggled to succeed in school. I work diligently with all our students to help build a foundation that can lead to success.    
For more information on Liberty High School please email me at or call me at (209) 331-7747.


Liberty High School Counselors will be utilizing Naviance to schedule after hour appointments with our sophomore students and parents to discuss college and career planning. Appointments will vary depending on counselor. 

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