Welcome to the Counselor's Corner for Liberty High School. It is my mission to build meaningful relationships based on respect and trust with each of our students. I strive to provide a place where students feel cared for and supported, to help our students realize their full potential and challenge them to achieve it. I work with each of them on the important life skills they will need to be successful and to help them develop a detailed college/career plan for once they have completed high school.  
For many of our students this is the first time they have achieved success and found a place they feel, as many of them say, "at home". Liberty High School provides a new beginning for many of our students that have struggled to succeed in school. I work diligently with all our students to help build a foundation that can lead to success.    
For more information on Liberty High School please email me at or call me at (209) 331-7625.
Progress Report

2/10/16 1:56 PM - Tiffany Wood